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Thanks for your help.

Any amount appreicated.


•   Mary "Suzy" Taylor  2018
•   Robbie Rye  2018
•   Don Erickson  2016
•   Charleen Stormes (Linzmeier)  1999
•   Janice Shirreff (Payton)  2017
•   Lynette Hanson (Flaherty)  2016
•   Linda Maria Van Leer  2006
•   Diana Christine Rogers (Hirt)  2013
•   George Thomas Glasby  2016
•   Cheryl Darlene Castro (Seal-Keller)  1988
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Know the email address of a missing 68'er? Click here to contact them!

Ut oh!

I made a mistake and added wrong, us girls did beat the boys in donations for the fire proof case by...........

Great job ladies!



If you are thinking you want a ball cap you better send the $17. They are selling........


Make check out to Joanie Hyler Class of 1968 for $17.00


($10 covers the hat $7 the postage)

Send your check to 1107 David Ave, PG, CA 93950-5407

After these are gone, there will be no more. sad

The color oif the hats are black, black the picture doesn't show that.

Still want to send in your bio?

There is time.

There is still time to send in your bio's. I'm probably not going to get to producing a book until mid year 2019. So, please send one in. Even if you did not come to the reunion, we would love to hear from you and what you have been up too.


Greeting's to all you 68'ers,

Here is the attendence Roster for both Friday and Saturday. If I missed someone please let me know.

Jeff Andrews, David Bell, Peter Besobrazoff, Barry Bettencourt, Gwen Owen Blaney, Donald Brooks, Kathy Busico, Larry Calhoun, Donna Jarmarck Cardinale, Jill Aldrich Chelew, Linda Silva Clark, Linda Herd Colvin, John Dillon, Lupe Villalpando Dosda, Roger Eddy, Irene Evers Elisabeth, Richard Ellings, Anne Faus, Bill Gammons, Charles Gibson, Geoff Gipson, Stacey Souders Golding, Pamela Whitworth Graff, Steve Graves, Mary Ryan Gyorke, Nancy Harper, Tina Ruble Heacox, Iva Cory Heitz, Katie Samora Henden, Glenn Higashi, Candy Hoyt, Joanie Hyler, Sheridan McCann Jones, Renée Puget Jorgensen, Terry Libby, Suzanne Perry Lorente, Luane McCartney McGowan, Jim Montgomery, Richard Morris, Winnie Meyers Mulé, Charlie Nelson, Nora Bawaan Norton, Ruth McKinney Nye, Jeanne Smither Osio, Richard Ouimette, Linda Heldt Paganetti, Susan Knight Pearson, Cheryl Rosskilley Revers, Vince Rhoades, Kathleen Sullivan Richerson, Bill Roberts, Betsy Urnes Rosenthal, Margie Hunt Ross, Mona Everman Sarrensen, Rick Sawyer, Rosanna McCoy Shaw, Tom Sherburne, Roz Spafford, George St.Clair, Jack Stutzman, Thomas Tabata, Terry Trotter, Susan Heyl Tyler, Stephen Underwood, Sandra Spangler Ungar, Penny Faus Urbach, Walt Ushakoff, Tom Whent, Karen Griffin Wilcox, Bob Winter, Todd Woolley and Mr Donald Reed.

The following short list is those who were not able to attend at the last minute. We hope all are well.

Sandy Miyamoto Menda, Sandra Humes, Joel Townsend.

By all accounts the 50th reunion weekend was a great success. Bill Roberts has posted many pictures already and there are many more to come. I just got the pictures from Mike Verwold '96 and will post them at a later date as well as the disposable cameras. They will take a few weeks before they are ready.

We raised enough money to not only buy the second firerpoof file cabinet but there will be enough to keep this web page going years to come! THANKS to ALL of you!

Here are the names of the people who donated to the purchase of a fireproof file cabinet.

Just for fun I added up the amounts female vs. male. Sorry ladies, the guys beat us by $48.00!


Jill Aldrich Chelew, Nora Bawaan Norton, Mona Everman Sarrensen, Irene Evers Elisabeth, Penny Faus Urbach, Linda Herd Colvin, Susan Heyl Tyler, Sandra Humes, Margie Hunt Ross, Joanie Hyler, Donna Jamarck Cardinale, Sheridan McCann Jones, Lauane McCartney McGowan, Rosanna McCoy Shaw, Ruth McKinney Nye, Winnie Meyers Mulé, Gwen Owen Blaney, Suzanne Perry Lorente, Renée Puget Jorgensen, Cheryl Rosskilley Revers, Tina Ruble Heacox, Katie Samora Henden, Jeanne Smither Osio, Stacey Souders Golding, Rox Spafford, Sandra Spangler Ungar, Kathy Sullivan Richerson, Betsy Urnes Rosenthal, Lupe Vallapando Dosda, Pamela Whitworth Graff, May Wong.


Barry Bettencourt, Donald Brooks, John Dillon, Richard Ellings, Bill Gammons, Charles Gibson, Geoff Gipson, Glenn Higashi, Terry Libby, Charlie Nelson, Richard Ouimette, Vince Rhoades, Bill Roberts, Rick Sawyer, George St. Clair, Jack Stutzman, Terry Trotter, Stephen Underwood, Walt Ushakoff, Tom Whent and Mr Donald Reed.

Sorry I could not figure out how to up right this photo! But here is the file cabinet they have and we will be purchasin the same one as soon as they are back in stock with Staples.